Markus Lupfer


German-born, London-based fashion designer Markus Lupfer launched his eponymous label in 1998. Along the way, with creative collaborations between Cacharel and Mulberry, the label has earned discerning fans in Gwen Stefani and Roisin Murphy. Known for its playful take on clothes, Markus Lupfer is the go-to label for feminine and fun fashion.


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  • Markus Lupfer

    Lucie Lip Print Hoodie Dress

    HKD 2,233.00
  • Markus Lupfer

    Anna Tee

    HKD 831.00
  • Markus Lupfer

    Aria Shorts

    HKD 3,427.00
  • Markus Lupfer

    Alex Necklace Tee

    HKD 1,506.00
  • Markus Lupfer

    Karen Silk Tee

    HKD 1,506.00
  • Markus Lupfer

    Sequined Logo T-shirt

    Regular Price: HKD 1,194.00

    Special Price HKD 597.00

  • Markus Lupfer

    Summer Check Molly Shorts

    Regular Price: HKD 3,244.00

    Special Price HKD 1,622.00

  • Markus Lupfer

    Embroidered Underwater Flower Shorts

    Regular Price: HKD 2,364.00

    Special Price HKD 1,182.00

  • Markus Lupfer

    Scattered Flower Silk Skirt

    Regular Price: HKD 3,079.00

    Special Price HKD 1,539.50

  • Markus Lupfer

    Floral Lace Skirt

    Regular Price: HKD 4,893.00

    Special Price HKD 2,446.50