CK Calvin Klein


CK Calvin Klein is the contemporary line of leading fashion house Calvin Klein. Offering an empowering interpretation of the brand's iconic staples reimagined for today's generation of non-conformists, CK Calvin Klein balances minimalist lines and sleek athleticism with an unexpected sensuality. For those who appreciate the finer things in life but who want to steer away from 'fashion fashion’, this is a seven-day-a-week luxe-norm core collection.


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  • CK Calvin Klein

    Crease-proof Business Shirt

    Regular Price: USD 226.00

    Special Price USD 113.00

  • CK Calvin Klein

    Satin Bomber

    Regular Price: USD 568.00

    Special Price USD 284.00

  • CK Calvin Klein

    Logo Sweater with Contrasting Patch

    Regular Price: USD 246.00

    Special Price USD 123.00

  • CK Calvin Klein

    Wool Striped Sweater

    Regular Price: USD 362.00

    Special Price USD 181.00