Wavering on the edge between two worlds – his Oriental roots and strict Italian tailoring – Miaoran's fearless ideas and razor-precise cuts have created uncompromising menswear with minimal tailored precision. His oversized proportions, artsy and offbeat attitude make his collection useful and practical while attaining a strong sense of style.


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  • Miaoran

    Tapestry Pants

    HKD 4,263.00
  • Miaoran

    Tapestry Jacket

    HKD 5,966.00
  • Miaoran

    Denim Pants

    HKD 3,624.00
  • Miaoran

    Logo T-shirt

    HKD 1,916.00
  • Miaoran

    Classic Shirt

    Regular Price: HKD 3,022.00

    Special Price HKD 1,511.00

  • Miaoran

    Voluminous Cropped Pants

    Regular Price: HKD 3,063.00

    Special Price HKD 1,531.50

  • Miaoran

    Embroidered Oversize Coat

    Regular Price: HKD 9,829.00

    Special Price HKD 4,914.50

  • Miaoran

    Embroidered Collarless Shirt

    Regular Price: HKD 4,543.00

    Special Price HKD 2,271.50

  • Miaoran

    Embroidered Oversized T-shirt

    Regular Price: HKD 2,072.00

    Special Price HKD 1,036.00

  • Miaoran

    Voluminous Drawstring Shorts

    Regular Price: HKD 2,539.00

    Special Price HKD 1,269.50