Founded in 1961 by French couturier and industry legend André Courrèges, Courrèges was famed for liberating women with the infamous looks of the 60s – miniskirts, peekaboo A-Line dresses and the ever famous white ankle boots. Today the French fashion house is powered by creative directors Arnaud Vaillant and Sébastien Meyer who reinterpret the signature silhouettes with a modern twist.


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  • Courrèges

    Button Belt Dress

    Regular Price: HKD 7,399.00

    Special Price HKD 3,699.50

  • Courrèges

    Double Pocket Sweatshirt

    Regular Price: HKD 2,113.00

    Special Price HKD 1,056.50

  • Courrèges

    Logo Jacket

    Regular Price: HKD 8,562.00

    Special Price HKD 4,281.00

  • Courrèges

    Multi Patch Pocket Jacket

    Regular Price: HKD 10,992.00

    Special Price HKD 5,496.00

  • Courrèges

    Raw-edge Sleeveless Denim Jacket

    Regular Price: HKD 5,815.00

    Special Price HKD 2,907.50

  • Courrèges

    Satellite Print T-shirt

    Regular Price: HKD 1,163.00

    Special Price HKD 581.50

  • Courrèges

    Short-sleeved Button Knit Top

    Regular Price: HKD 2,430.00

    Special Price HKD 1,215.00

  • Courrèges

    Shoulder Cut-out T-shirt

    Regular Price: HKD 1,480.00

    Special Price HKD 740.00

  • Courrèges

    Side-zip Mini Skirt

    Regular Price: HKD 3,806.00

    Special Price HKD 1,903.00

  • Courrèges

    Silver Vinyl Mini Skirt

    Regular Price: HKD 9,725.00

    Special Price HKD 4,862.50

  • Courrèges

    Sleeveless Mini Dress

    Regular Price: HKD 6,973.00

    Special Price HKD 3,486.50